Vitamix 750 – The Perfect Blender

Hello, my name is Eva and I am here to share my experience with Vitamix 750. Before sharing my experience, I would like to share the problems and hurdles I faced before purchasing Vitamix 750.

I am a working woman, and lived with my 2 children. It is difficult to manage both personal and professional life. I have to do the office work, and also have to look after the home and my children. I have to feed them and for that I have to cook. Although, I love cooking but sometimes it can be tiresome when it comes to blending certain recipes.

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Because of the blending issues I bought a blender online and it gets delivered to my house. I started using it and to be very honest that blender was not good at all. It didn’t blend and chop hard ingredients, and sometimes it gets stopped when I put a bigger portion of ingredients in it. The blades were not sharp enough to cut through meat and they got rusty within a few days after I purchased that.

Vitamix 750

Also, my children complaint about the weird taste they experience when I make juice in it. By doing a little research, I found out that the plastic of the container of that blender was not of the high quality and whenever someone makes juice in it, it melts and add some chemicals to the juice.

I got really annoyed with the blender and searched the internet for a better option because blender is the main thing in every kitchen. By searching the internet I came up with the Vitamix 750. As the company claims, the blender was good enough to be used by professionals and beginners. So, I read the reviews of the blender and found out that all the reviews of the blender is good and everyone is happy with the performance of the blender. After reading all the reviews I decided to buy it. The price of the blender was not that high and its really affordable for anyone.

It is delivered to my doorstep within few days and I opened it and put it in my kitchen. By seeing new blender, my children ask me to make something for them in it. They want a smoothie so I put smoothie’s ingredient in the blender. Once I turned on the blender, it blends the ingredient like they are nothing. The blending was smooth and constant.  Also, I found out that the blender has a 10 variable speed control which allows me to give the desired texture and thickness to the smoothie. Also, the blender was made up of the BPA, plastic-free material which makes it toxicity proof.

Furthermore, the container of the blender is big enough to make a recipe for a whole family and the motor in it is powerful enough to blend everything you put in it. It didn’t pause while blending like my previous blender and also it has the rubber lid that allows you to put items in it when it’s running. I am very happy with the blender and I would recommend everyone to buy it.